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Buddy's Dinosaur Party

Buddy adores dinosaurs so we decided to throw him a dinosaur themed party. His mum chose a blue & grey colour theme, so I started with the cake. The dessert table was covered with a blue cloth and Rosey had found some great artificial bear grass that we used as a back drop for the table, along with a host of toy dinosaurs and balloons with huge inflatable dinosaurs placed in the corners of the room.

The party was held in the upstairs room at Cafe Rouge. They made all of the savoury food, supplied soft drinks and cleared up all the mess. It's well worth checking out your local chain restaurants to find out if they have a private room you can hire or just pay per meal per head as this sometimes works out more economical than hiring a village hall and buying all the food and drink.
My Victoria sponge recipe covered in a 
pale blue and grey buttercream and then added 
some toy dinosaurs. That way Buddy got to
keep them after the day (and it was a lot less labour insensitive).
 Simple cookies, covered with coloured fondant.
I used my impression rolling pin to 
roll out the fondant and cut circles
to cover the cooled biscuits. 
Cupcakes with blue/grey buttercream
swirls, with white chocolate disc's 
to which dinosaur sprinkles where added while wet.
Rosey made some fab dinosaur Rice Krispie &
mini egg nests.
Dinosaur meringue bones were next.
Along with bon bon jars full
of sweeties and little scoops
Each dish and jar had a label with 
either the no.2 or a description
of the contents attached. 
Foliage cut from my garden 
and jam jars full of daffodils to decorate the 
tables along with the dinosaur nests and 
some plastic eggs. Glass mini bottles 
was the very same one Buddy & Harley's dad
had loved many moons ago. He hadn't lost his
knack I'm pleased to report. 
An abundance of helium dinosaur balloons 
helped to set the scene. 
 S'mores cheesecakes 
for the adults.