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Party Planning

I've been meaning to create a party planning section for quite a while now and have only just managed to get round to it. I really hope you enjoy. It will mainly be visual along with links to where you can buy props and  find my recipe.

When my boys were young I loved nothing better than organising their birthday parties. I think it has a lot to do with that when I was growing up, big parties for children weren’t a thing of such importance. 

So when it was my boys birthdays I always planned it for months ahead. Even when our budget was quite limited, with careful planning and prep I still managed to throw my boys fun filled parties. 
Now with the added bonus of being able to source most things on-line it is so much more accessible to throw fabulous inexpensive parties.

With any party it is best to keep the food to a manageable amount and I always find 4 savoury dishes and 4 sweet are about the right balance. Remember the children are going to be very excited so keeps things to bite size pieces that can be popped into little or slightly bigger mouths, then can be easily digested  as nobody likes to see the party food reappear on the way home.

This party would be most suitable for a first or second birthday but would equally work well for a baby shower. This was the party I did for my grandson Buddy’s 1st. We had lots of pale blue and white decorations along with bon-bon jars filled with the bunny tails and rabbit droppings it looked really beautiful. 
A perfect party for boys or girls alike. Harley really enjoyed all the props and pirate fun. I used lots of fun primary colours for the theme to decorate the room. There was lots of ooooo's and arrrrrr's from the adults and the children couldn't wait to walk the plank. 
Such a fun a easy way to theme a party, we used lots of different textures to theme the party along with huge inflatable dinosaurs that the boys got to keep after. Using a local restaurant worked really too, we found that by paying per child it kept the costs under control. 
Harley absolutely loves an Easter Egg Hunt and I love indulging the boys, being a nan is so much more fun, you get to do all the fun stuff without the reprimanding! Here I give my idea for a dessert table and ideas to decorate, links where to find recipes and props for a fun filled Easter Egg Hunt.  

I remember when the boys were young I threw a particularly memorable party for them. We lived in a small part of a divided mansion house in the middle of the forest. It was a great setting for a spooky party, all the children ran around like crazy, a group of us mums got together and shared the workload, 23 years on and it still holds happy memories for all involved. 

Afternoon Tea Party

One of my most favourite past times. See my ideas on how to throw a stress-free afternoon tea party.