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Harley's Pirate Party

Pirate Party
             Walk the plank with inflatable shark, stripy table cloth, inflatable palm trees, Ships helm 

This party works perfectly for boys or girls alike. I used lots of props to make the theme come to life and the children really enjoyed getting involved.
  • Edible bits
  • Ahoy there cupcakes (Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream swirls and pirate toppers)
  • Oreo coins ( spray Oreo biscuits with gold and sliver Dr Oetker food spray)
  • Marshmallow pirate heads ( With an edible pen draw face details onto large marshmallows, then melt some candy melts, dip the large marshmallows in the top to create a hat, stand on parchment until dry, push a lolly stick into the base of each to serve)
  • Macaroon clams (Make any macaroon recipe, colour and top with matching sprinkles before baking,  fill with buttercream and a large fondant pearl)
  • Cannon ball bonbons (sweets from Tesco)
  • Treasure chest cake (There are lots of how to's on Pinterest)
  • Selection of sandwiches (Little finger sandwiches 2 bites and they are gone)
  • Mini scotch eggs (one bite morsels)
  • Mini sausages
  • Chicken nuggets

  • Themed props
  • Helium Balloons (I love the height that helium balloons create)
  • Walk the plank (I used 2 upturned plant pots and a short plank of wood, a blue rain poncho)
  • Dig for treasure chest (my friend Elli's old chest filled with play sand and toy jewels)
  • Inflatable Parrots, shark and palm trees (These really help to set the scene the boys especially loved the shark see links) 
  • Skull bunting (from B&M stores)
  • Red and white stripped table cloths
  • Ships wheel
  • Eye patches
  • Telescopes
  • Gallon food boxes ( savoury bits went into the boxes)
  • Printable drink bottle labels (I found a good selection on line, see the link below)
  • Handmade food labels ( A really fun way to display whats available)
  • Skull (a halloween tea-light holder)
  • Glass fish & chips bowl (My vase which had been put trough the diswasher filled with fish & chip shaped crisps)
  • Pirates ship mast (made from 2 wooden broom handles a Childs pirate flag and some old material) 
  • Tattoo parlour (I set a little corner for a tattoo parlour the children loved it)
  • Pirate punch (I used my drinks dispenser filled with pink lemonade with a pirates punch label )

 Cannon Ball Bonbons from Tesco
 Chocolate Mud Cake with chocolate frosting and soft brown sugar 'sand' kitkat treasure chest
 Handmade name cards
 The Birthday Boy
2 cheeky pirates 
 Marshmallow pirates with chocolate melt hats and edible pen detail
 Candle time 
 Gorgeous girl enjoying an oreo coin
 Digging for treasure
 Captain Harley and deckhand Buddy 
 Halloween skull worked really well on the dessert table
Treasure chest filled with play sand and 'Jewels' 
 Tattoo Parlour was a huge success
 Fish and Chip bowl 

*all linked items may not be the exact same  as used  in the post.