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24 Hour Pork (pulled pork)

I really love an easy dinner and I promise they don't get much easier than this. You need a biggish piece of belly, shoulder or leg (fat is the key). A nice roomy baking tray lined with a large piece of foil.

Lay in the pork and any flavourings you may like. I love some thyme, sometimes garlic (I leave whole) sometimes shallots it's all about the gravy to be honest. Then I whack it in the top of the Aga, in its foil blanket. I have mine at about 220˚c for about 20-30 mins then into the bottom oven it goes (mine is a 2 oven sort) about 100˚c in a normal oven.

And basically that's it for anything from 18-24 hours.

I serve this either with dauphinoise or roast potatoes and its gorgeous as a hog roast in white baps with apple sauce and stuffing fantastic for a party.

If i'm doing it as a roast I take out pork to rest, take off the fat and put back in hot oven on a tray for fab crackling. I then  mix in a little gravy granules and some water into baking tray with meat juices, bring to the boil on the top, strain and its yum, for the pork I use 2 forks to pull apart.

Also its good to add in some apples for the last 3 hrs you can whiz up with a little strained meat and herby juice for gorgeous apple sauce. ENJOY

*For Hog roast add two thirds of a bottle of good  BBQ sauce to the pulled pork when pulling apart with the forks.