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Let Them Eat Cake (chocolate of course)

 Today I made the boys and Daisie (Jesse my middle sons girlfriend) 24 hour pork for dinner, then realised that they would complain if the presences of dessert was absent.

So, a quick look in the cupboard and fridge proved to be quite fruitful. Lots of eggs, flour, cocoa, stork and sugar with the addition of some double cream and a couple of oranges I could see a nice cake on the horizon. Anyway here goes with my 1st recipe.

Yummy Easy Chocolate Orange Cake
250g self raising flour
250g margarine
250g caster sugar
5 eggs
2oz cocoa
vanilla paste 1 tsp
Juice and zest of a large orange
To Finish
200ml double cream whipped with orange zest (save a little zest for topping)
3 large tablespoons chocolate nutella spread
juice and zest of a large orange
120g icing sugar
20g cocoa
Chocolate shavings

preheat oven to 170˚c

Mix all of the ingredients together in a freestanding mixer (I use my kitchen aid) or with hand held whisk until nice and fluffy

Spoon into 2 prepared tins (7inch sandwich)

Cook for about 25/30 mins depending on oven.

Leave to cool on wire racks

Spread one of the cooled sponges with chocolate spread, cover with two thirds of the orange cream. Sandwich with the second sponge.

Mix juice of half of the orange, cocoa and icing to make a thickish but pliable icing, spread on over the top of cake.

Spoon the remaining cream into a piping bag fitted with an open star nozzle and pipe rosettes, finish with the remaining orange zest and chocolate shavings.