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My Friends Wedding: Part 2 (cupcakes)

Well, today was D'ish day. (obviously not D day as it's not the wedding day) I had to take my wares to   see if they were deemed good enough to adorn the top table, of my lovely friends wedding, (not really as she'd always said I was doing them , but this was just my crazy insecurities)  So last night I made 2 dozen cupcakes and 18 more this morning.
  • vanilla 
  • chocolate with white choc buttercream 
  • lemon drizzle
  • marble
  • chocolate orange
  • carrot with orange frosting
As you all know I was extremely nervous, and to make matters worse, I had never met the groom-to-be before. What I didn't know was that other people were also popping in for lunch and of course would try out the cupcakes.

Now for people who know me well, will know i'm a terrible baby when it comes to meeting people I've never met before, I panic that i'm of very low intelligence and will not have the  intellect to converse with new people. It's something i've suffered with all my life,  over the last couple of years i've really tried to push myself to overcome this affliction, the funny thing is that once i've got chatting you normally can't shut me up.

Anyway they all loved them, and here are the recipes to follow........

Basic cupcake recipe
240g plain flour
280g caster sugar
1 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
240 ml whole milk
80g butter softened

Pulse flour, caster sugar, baking powder and butter in a food processor, add half the milk, mix eggs into the rest of milk at this stage add with either lemon zest, orange zest, coffee shot, melted chocolate or vanilla essence, or grated carrot, chopped pecans and raisins.

Either spoon or ice cream scoop into paper cases in a muffin tin bake for 20-25mins @ 170. Leave to cool on wire rack.

500g icing sugar
125g softened butter
few tablespoons of milk

Either orange zest, lemon zest, melted white, milk or dark chocolate, strawberry coulis, shot of espresso, the list goes on and on.

Mix butter, milk and icing sugar in a large bowl on a freestanding mixer for about 10 minutes for lovely fluffy buttercream, in last 2 minutes add in flavouring, spoon into a piping bag.

In-between the sponge base and buttercream sometimes it's nice to add a little syrup, it can either be some sugar, water and flavour (squeeze of orange, lemon, lime) heated in a saucepan until sugar all dissolves, or my fav is some granulated sugar with either orange or lemon juice freshly squeezed over it.

Then as cupcakes come out of the oven spoon a little over each cake, it gives a lovely crunch under the soft buttercream and above the springy sponge.