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Macaroons: Tricky Little Blighters

Today i've tried making some more macaroons, to be fair they were by no means perfect, these aren't the actual ones, as you all know by now i'm having trouble with this damn apple, i photos. So anyhow the ones in the pic are made by me but are blueberry, today i've made pistachio and raspberry ones.
Pistachio and raspberry macaroons
75g shelled pistachios
25 g ground almonds
175g icing sugar
2 egg whites
Raspberries blended with 2 tbsp of icing sugar and sieved
Buttercream icing ( 250g icing sugar whipped with 65g softened butter)

heat oven to 170

Put pistachios in food processor and blitz, add half the icing sugar and almonds give another quick blitz.

Whisk egg whites till firm, fold in remaining icing sugar.

Combine pistachio and egg whites  together using large metal spoon.

Spoon into piping bag, pipe onto 2 prepare baking trays, hold above a surface and drop to release air 2 or 3 times. Leave for up to an hour, (a very wise man told me macaroons should be left for an hour ) to form a skin, bake in a pre heat oven for about 15 mins until firm but not coloured, leave to cool on trays.

Once cooled mix a little raspberry puree with the buttercream and sandwich together.