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Chateaubriand (Les Trois Garçon)

Last night I went to the most wonderful place for dinner. The ambience, service, food, wine list, were all fantastic. I felt as
though I'd stepped into a magical land,where handbags are suspended from the ceilings, stuffed animal heads keeping an eye over you, as you eat. Stunning art works too vast to take in, to be fair one visit and I feel the need to go back, to take the amazingness of the place in.

The Garçon who attended our every need was fabulous, not once did he appear when not needed, but if your drink was dry it was instantly replenished. There were 12 of us and we chatted for ages before ordering, but no feeling of being rushed or that we were an inconvenience, just a calm attendance and an informative service.

The wine list was good, i'm not a big drinker, a glass with dinner for me is sufficient, the sauvignon Blanc was well chilled and served in beautiful clean glassware.

For my food I had chateaubriand, 6 of us had this, all to different requirements, all cooked to perfection, served with gorgeous roasted new potatoes, wilted spinach and a spluttering of shaved truffles. AMAZING.

For Chateaubriand, always buy a decent piece of fillet (I feel mine making sure its tender all over).

Flash fry in a frying pan with a little olive oil. Rest for 5 mins on a board.

Brush all over with Dijon mustard, roll in chopped fresh thyme.

Season. Put back into the pan. I add 2 whole bulbs of garlic.

Put into either a really hot oven 210 or the top of your AGA for about 25 - 35 mins depending on the size, and how you like your meat cooked.

Always leave to stand for at least half the cooking time.

I serve with a jus made with some red wine, half a bottle splashed into the pan, reduced down to at least half, with a teaspoon or two of redcurrant jelly mixed through, and the garlic on the board if people would like to squeeze some onto their plates.

Serve with wilted spinach and potatoes of your choice.