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Movie Night, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Popcorn & Clementine Fizz

I decided to throw a movie night for some of my fabulous girlfriends. So last night I had a really lovely evening with my coffee morning friends (Antennal group of 24 years) with a real feel good, laugh out loud chick flick.
I made each of my lovely friends an angel, to match the ones on my Christmas tree, to commemorate our lovely friend Sue who was one of the 9 that had babies in the summer of 87. We had such fun times, chaos but fabulous. We shared everything from teething to teenage angst and whenever we meet its always still fantastic to catch up.

Anyway, I'd had my class of 12 kiddies doing cupcakes & cookies, so when I arranged the evening I thought a movie night rather than cooking for 8 would be preferable and it was such fun. I did homemade popcorn (just popped in the micro sprinkled with sugar then tossed a family size bag of maltesers into it).
Clementine Fizz
To every 2 glasses of clementine fizz I squeeze a whole clementine in a jug, sieve into a champagne flute and top with prosecco or champagne, for a really lovely Christmassy drink.
My take on hot-dogs
I just cook a packet of good sausages in the AGA (220) when they are nearly cooked I add 2 large tablespoons of onion marmalade and give a good mix around so they are all coated. 

Pop them back in to caramelise for about about 5 mins, spread the hot-dog buns with a little Dijon mustard and top with the sticky sausages and maybe a little tommy K.

For really quick easy nacho's I just melted a bag of that grated mozzarella and cheddar combined, tipped a bag of tortilla's crisps on a platter then added a packet of Guacamole, one of sour cream and a salsa. They went down really well.

Potato skins
Just baked some potatoes in the oven, cut in halves and scooped out the middles, added some cheese finely chopped and fried onions a tablespoon of sour cream a pinch of salt a knob of butter mix or mash altogether and spoon back into skins bake in a hot oven until golden, I served with homemade cranberry.
                                                  3 Of my lovely friends tucking in!

I feel so blessed to have had these wonderful people in my life and am honoured that after all these years we still all get together, even if its always me that arranges it girls!!! xxxxx