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The Finalist

I want to thank each and everyone who has taken part, an amazing 92 of you have all been fantastic, the standard has been so wonderful, it has been so difficult to pick the 6 finalists we have deliberated for hours,and now chosen our  finalists for all of those who have entered and not made it through please know that all the cakes were stunning and it was a case of having to pick 6 from 92  I’d like to offer  you a 15% discount voucher if you’d like to book a masterclass as Thank you.Lastly just to say I really hope you have enjoyed the competition and cake as much as I have, you are all truly lovely bakers, please email me @ if you’d like to take your voucher. 

The cakes have been chosen by the myself and 5 other judges, I felt the fairest way to choose was to pick one each and say why, below are our choices and comments.

My choice is Something about cupcakes entry. Looks like a nice even bake,Ganache is good and shiny.

This cake has a wonderfully even bake and the decoration is beautiful. It is just so neat! I'm sure it tastes just as good as it looks. xx

Red is my Favourite colour so June Benson's cake really stood out for me.
A perfectly even bake with wonderfully crafted poppies. If I thought there was a chance of there being any left over, I would be hot footing it round to June's in a flash! Looks delicious! :0)

Laura Chittock's choc cherry cake is not only beautiful to look at (well presented and has a shiny ganache) but also uses one of my favourite flavour combinations. Her cake has inspired me! Simple and beautiful. Though frankly I would have happily eaten a slice of every single entry!

 I love the colours and for me lots of different skills have been used on this bake, I think the macaroons a lovely simply elegant addition to this cake.
My finalist cake is Ryan Carr's beautiful chocolate & strawberry cake. It looks like a exceptional bake, lovely dark rich and moist. The feathering of the chocolate ganache is a lovely touch. Such a well thought out and executed design. Fabulous.