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Giraffe/Tiger bread (Tigraffe)

I for one agree with the little child that said Tiger bread looks more like Giraffes. My boys always like to give me a challenge and never like me to sit still for more than 5 seconds. How do I know this ? Not just by them asking me to make cookies on Monday evening and then wanting Tiger bread as soon as the cookies were made, but by the 18 shirts Billy has put into the washing basket for me to wash and Iron in my spare time. He also asked if I could nip to the shops for him today!! Dylan no doubt will want something I haven't got in my food ladened smeg I swear you couldn't get as much as a layer of filo in there but he will say there is nothing to eat!!

For 2 loaves of delicious Tigraffe Bread:
750g strong white bread flour
10g Maldon salt
12g caster sugar
7g sachet yeast
25g Olive Oil (non virgin)
500 ml lukewarm water

In a free standing machine fitted with a bread hook add the flour, salt, sugar and yeast. Make a well in the centre, in a jug mix together 510ml of water with the oil, turn on the machine and add the liquid. Now you want a nice wet dough, so if your dough seems a little too dry add a small amount of extra water until you have a soft damp dough, continue knead for about 7 minutes,  oil the bowl then cover and leave to double in size, about an hour.
Turn out your dough knock back and knead for about a minute, shape into 2 loaves and pop onto oiled baking trays.

For the magic:
120g rice flour
110ml water
6 tbsp sesame oil
2tbsp sugar

For the tigerish topping, mix the above ingredients together, you want the consistency of double cream, spread carefully over the tops of each loaf, leave to prove for about 90 minutes. Bake in a very hot preheated oven about 210˚c for about 22 minutes, be careful as the top can catch easily. Leave to cool on wire racks.