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Banana and Walnut Cake

Well this cake stemmed from my greed and my love of coffee shop coffee. On Friday I was in London, it was snowy and cold so I decided I needed my coffee fix for the day. So I popped into a Starbucks.

Now, whenever I go into Starbucks I never deviate, it's always a large 2 shot skinny cappuccino and a skinny lemon and poppy seed muffin, but while I was standing waiting for it to be my turn I spied a delicious moist looking cake.

I went into turmoil (I know a little dramatic but with food that's how I am). Should I have something different or stick to my norm?  Before I had a chance to really decide it was my turn and I admit, I panic bought!!!! I went for the safe option. But as always I then needed to get the said cake out of my system (along with the fact I bought a new square tin and wanted to try it out. So here it is, hope you enjoy.
250g soft light brown sugar
3 eggs
1 tsp mixed spice
370g S/R flour
3 mashed very ripe banana's
180g melted butter
150g chopped walnuts
icing sugar to finish

In a large bowl mix together the sugar and eggs, add the banana's and then the flour and mixed spice, next add the melted butter, lastly fold in the chopped walnuts.

Spoon into a 20cm sq prepared tin, bake at 170 for 60-70 minutes,  you may need to cover with foil if it starts to brown to much. Cool on a wire rack, dust with icing sugar to finish.