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Breakfast Omelette

I was thinking, what would I like on Mother's day. A lie in, a sparkly house & breakfast to get up to, sunny daffodils. 

Well no chance of any of that because, when I advertised my classes before Christmas I didn't realise it was Mother's Day this particular Sunday! To be fair I really enjoy taking the classes as they are always such fun and full of lovely like minded people. So actually I'm really looking forward to my Mother's Day.

To make your Mum a well deserved brekkie to share:

2 eggs per person
2 sliced mushrooms per person
1 Sausage skinned and divided into 3 balls per person
1 rasher of bacon cut in 2 per person

Preheat the oven 200

In a large heavy bottomed ovenproof frying pan, fry the mushrooms and sausage patties for 3-4 mins until they go golden.

Add the bacon, fry for a minute then turn everything over. Cook for another minute or so. In a bowl mix together the eggs and season. Try to make sure the bacon, sausage and mushrooms are evenly placed so everyone one gets a piece of everything.

Pour the eggs over and cook on the heat for 90 seconds place into a preheated oven for 8-10 mins.

Leave to settle for a minute, bear in mind it will be darker on the underside then turnout onto a plate and serve with a big pot of tea, crusty rolls and ketchup x