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Panna Cotta

These are soooooooo simple that I actually feel embarrassed even writing a post about them. But to be honest it makes life so easy to have a perfect pudding that works every time. 

You can top with fruits or sit it on a puddle of puree, add melted chocolate into the cream or adorn with chocolate shavings. One sachet of powdered gelatine gives the perfect wobble every time.
300ml milk
500ml double cream 
50g vanilla sugar
1 tbsp vanilla extract or bean paste
1 sachet of Dr Oetker's powdered gelatine
In a large saucepan gently heat together the milk, cream and sugar, stirring the whole time, once all the sugar has melted stir in the vanilla. Remove from the heat and sprinkle the gelatine over the top, leave for about 2 minutes, then using a small whisk stir until the gelatine is completely combined. 

Grease 6 small pudding basins or 6 ramekins with a spray oil, then wipe with some kitchen roll. Sieve the cream into a jug, then pour into the pots, and pop into the fridge to set.

To serve run some warm water over the side of the pots and tip the creams onto a plate. 

*To make chocolate panna cotta add 100g of chopped milk, dark or white chocolate to the cream, stir until it's completely melted and combined, before sieving into the jug. If using white choc, I'd lower the sugar to 40g.
*To make coconut panna cotta substitute 100ml of milk for  coconut  milk, then sprinkle with toasted coconut to serve. 

*To make a green tea panna cotta add a teaspoon of matcha green tea with the milk, then continue the same.