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Skinny Fish & Chips

Friday night is generally Fish & Chip night in The Wheatley household. It's one of the those evenings when everyone gets in late. 

Dylan normally goes to the bar after work and Molly (Dylan's GF) finishes work at 8 so I'm back and fourth to the station to collect them. Billy, Rosie and the babies pop in every other Friday so we have got in to the habit of having a fish shop take away. 

But as most of you know I am on this healthy eating plan and still crave something yum. Another thing I'd been to Selfridges with friends and they'd had fish, chips and mushy peas for lunch in HIX. I was so jealous with my crab salad I had to make my own skinny version.

Serves 2

2 salmon fillets
3 large potatoes or 5 medium
1 tsp paprika
Pinch of chili
Olive oil
1 mugful of fresh peas
15 mint leaves
3 tbsp of skimmed milk
Salt & Pepper

Preheat the oven 210

Start by peeling the potatoes and cutting into 18 wedges, pop into a microwavable bowl with a splash of water, cover and cook for 5 mins, leave covered for a future 5 mins. Drain now coat in a little olive oil and the paprika and chilli, place on a non-stick baking sheet,  then into a preheated oven and roast for about 25 mins.

Next cook the peas as normal, and heat up the milk, chop the mint leaves, pop into a food processor, season and pulse until smooth. Spoon into a dish and keep warm.

Heat a frying pan until smoking, add a tbsp of olive oil, place the fish skin side down into the pan, turn the heat down to medium, when the fish is half way cooked about 3 mins (The colour will change rising from the bottom) add a splash of water and pop on a lid until completely cooked.

* For really great chips don't try turning for at least 15 minutes. 

* For those who aren't worried about skinny, mix together 100ml of mayo with 1 tbsp of chopped gherkins, 1 tbsp of drained and chopped capers with the zest of half a large lemon and spoon a large spoonful onto the side of the plate.