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My Obtainable Christmas 3 weeks to go (Part 3)

This is the time when I start to think about getting my decorations in order. I found out a few years ago that the more organised you are when packing away the easier it is when you come to putting up your decorations the next year. So now I store my decs in those clear plastic storage boxes all labeled with info on what's in them. That way not only do you know whats in the box, when it comes to putting them away it makes it so much simpler.

I know it may sound a bit of a faff and an added expense (and lets be honest at a really expensive time of year) but here's the pay off. I haven't had to buy any new lights for a good couple of years now and it takes me a quarter of the time it use to take me to put up and put away my decs (and time is of the essence this time of the year)
Another one of my must do's is to wrap as I buy (every year I wish I took my own advice, as the mound grows I become more and more stressed). It makes it so much simpler to wrap a few everyday than have that mammoth chore waiting for you.
If you make hampers for people here are a few things that you can get ahead with. 
This is a traditional Italian treat, wrap in parchment, then place either in a pretty airtight tin or a clear bag wrapped with a ribbon. (will keep up to two weeks)

Candy cane meringue kisses: 

I adore these cheerful little treats so simple to make and they will enhance any hamper they adorn. (will keep up to 10days)

Cranberry Sauce: 

This is the thing I get asked for in my Christmas hampers, above all others, jewels of ruby red gorgeousness. (will keep up to two weeks in the fridge)

Homemade Butter: 

Bake for success, here are a few of my most popular festive posts, these can all be made ahead.

Chocolate and Peanut Delice
I made this at the Good Food Christmas shows this year and it was very well received, it looks really impressive but is in-fact really simple to achieve. Make this up to two days in advance, but add the brittle just before serving.
This bake gets record hits year after year, with lots of tweets FB and insta messages of how good it is, bake, cool and freeze before icing.
This is another hugely popular post, if you don't have the Nordicware pan you can just as easily make it in a brownie pan.
Perfect little canap├ęs,  can be frozen before the baking stage, then defrost fully before baking.