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Non-Roll Truffles

This is a really simple way to make truffles. You set them then cut into squares with a knife just before serving. It's so much easier and cleaner than rolling the ganache.
Makes about 15-20 (depending on the size you cut them into)

300ml of double cream
350g Dark Chocolate 56%
100g Milk chocolate
10 mint matchmakers
1 large candy cane
Line a small foil or metal  tray with clingfilm

Heat the cream to boiling point, leave to cool for 2 minutes, chop the dark chocolate into small pieces and pour into a bowl, pour the slightly cooled cream over the chocolate and stir until well combined and glossy, pour into the lined pan.

Chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Chop the milk chocolate finely and melt either in the micro or in a bowl over a pan of water, pour over the set ganache.

Place the candy cane into a sandwich bag and bash with a rolling pin until it is small splinters. Chop the matchmakers into small pieces. Sprinkle the candy cane splinters and chopped matchmakers evenly over the melted chocolate.

Pop back into the fridge to set. Use the cling film to remove from the pan, chop into small squares just before serving.

I added a little glitz with this spray

Other ideas For the first 2 ideas Add onto the melted chocolate topping.

1. Orange & Cranberry :- Chop up 16 orange Matchmakers and 50g dried cranberries

2. Toffee :- Chop up 10 Honeycomb matchmakers & 6 werther's originals

3. Add 4 tbsp of mincemeat, the zest of a clementine and 1 tbsp of orange liqueur into the ganache and replace the milk chocolate with white chocolate sprinkle with some gold sprinkles and chopped up pistachio.