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Crusty White Boule Loaf

Bread baking gives me a real sense of achievement. The fact that such a small amount of ingredients can reward you with something so gorgeous always leaves me feeling quite smug proud. If you prefer a lighter colour to your loaf see the notes below. 
550g strong white bread flour, plus extra for kneading
7g sachet easy-blend/fast-action yeast
8g sea salt
300ml warm water
10ml honey
20ml oil

You will need a baking tray

Mix together the flour, yeast and salt in a free-standing machine fitted with a bread hook, or in a large bowl with a wooden spoon or spatula, and make a well in the centre. 

Mix the water,oil and honey together and combine with the dry ingredients, with the machine running on a slow to medium speed, until the mix comes together to form a dough. Continue to knead in the machine for 6 minutes, or by hand for 10 minutes, until the dough is smooth and elastic. 

Shape the dough into a ball and place in a large, lightly oiled bowl, cover with cling film and leave in a warm place to prove for about 60 mins or until doubled in size. 

Tip out the dough onto a lightly floured work-surface and knead for a further 30 seconds to knock back the air. Mould it into a round and cover with oiled clingfilm and leave to prove for another 60 minutes or until the dough has doubled in size and feels springy. 

About 20 minutes before are you ready to *bake the loaf, preheat the oven to *210ÂșC

Dust the tray and the loaf lightly with the flour, then spritz with a water spray (this will give a great crust) and bake in the middle of the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes until golden brown and the underside of the loaf sounds hollow when tapped. 

Let the loaf cool on the tray for 5 minutes before completely cooling on to a wire rack. 

*For a lighter less crusty crust bake @190˚c for 30-35 minutes.