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Pimped Up Rock Cakes

Such easy well behaved little cakes. The double cream really is the secret weapon in this recipe, it gives the most amazing tender crumb. Honestly I think once you've tried these little cakes the recipe will become a firm favourite.
Makes 9-10

125g Self raising flour
75g Strong bread flour
100g caster sugar
100g salted butter cubed
65g dark chocolate drops
65g dried cranberries
65g raisins
1 large egg
2-3 tbsp double cream (Single cream or milk can be used, but DC gives a lighter and fluffier result)

Preheat the oven 190˚c

In a large bowl rub together the flours, 80g of sugar and butter until you have a sandy consistency. Next add the fruits and chocolate drops. Now add the egg using a knife to work it in, next add the cream a tbsp at a time until the dough becomes a clay like texture.

Spoon onto a lined tray, sprinkle with the remaining sugar. Pop into the oven on the middle shelf, turn the oven down to 180˚c

Bake for 14-16 minutes until golden. Cool slightly on the baking tray before moving to a wire rack to cool.

Best eaten on the day of baking. But can be toasted and spread with butter on day 2.

Add the zest of an orange or lemon to the flours for a citrus burst.

Replace the dark chocolate drops white frozen white chocolate chunks.

Replace the cranberries with chopped crystallized ginger pieces.

Sprinkle the tops with desiccated coconut before baking.

Replace the chocolate with currants.

Replace the cranberries with some tiny chunks of toblerone pieces.