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Matt Inwood Instagram Workshop

This was the first of my once a month "try something different" challenge. It was a fab way to ease myself into doing things a little out of my comfort zone. I think we are all a bit guilty of doing the same things week in week out and seeing the same sets of people.

I really enjoyed the day with the great plus that it was held in The Cinnamon Club Westminster with lunch included. This place has been on my bucket list for many moons.
It was great seeing how Matt 
used the editing suite to get this result

The day starts out in a stunning room set on the side of the main restaurant (I'm guessing it's where they hold private dining events) with Matt giving a presentation with lots of helpful tips and hints on how to get the most out of your instagram account and an in depth tutorial through instagrams editing suite. This is done in a really user friendly way on a screen with Matt talking you through the app. with you following on your phone.
The main dining room at 

After the presentation the group takes a 10 minute break for tea or coffee supplied within the price. At this point Matt demonstrates what he's been speaking about, then the group are set loose with a whole hosts of props and new knowledge on how to get the best shot on your iphone or other smartphones. Fab tips on how to make light filters and reflectors out of everyday objects and a quick demonstration on how to get the best from them was one of the most enlightening aspects for me. Such a simple idea when you know how!
My favourite of my shots

Once we'd all had a play with the props and light reflectors and light boxes and our new found knowledge we were led into the dining room for what can only be described as a treat for the taste buds, it was really lovely chatting with the rest of the group and hearing what had inspired them to attend the day.
Beautiful props make the morning extra special

It was in my humble opinion worth every penny of the £80 that Matt charges, in-fact I really don't know how he does it for such amazing value. If you want to improve your instagram feed I really really recommend it. Matt has a really great way of teaching and has that wonderful skill of making everyone feel welcome and he is very generous with his knowledge and the time he spends with each student. The group is small so you can ask questions and not feel that you're dominating the morning.
Fab tips of how to set the shots

For more information or to Book one of Matt's Masterclasses Click Here