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A Little Laughter Goes a Long Way (Tiffin)

I have a friend called Lisa who is very lovely, she has a daughter called Sofia, who one day,  when she was about 6, looked at me and said "Jo you like a laugh don't you" I replied" yes" she said its good to laugh isn't it !

A few years later that still makes me smile, she and I always have a laugh whenever we meet, she normally joins her mummy and me for a baby-chino.

Well, this morning  was a morning when I didn't stop laughing, alas Sofia missed out, as she was at school. My friend Elli and I took the dogs for our normal morning walk, but decided on a different route for a change, now those of you who live near the country will know that lots of the footpaths have over grown, we'd been going for about an hour when my Ellie (the dog) decided she knew a better way home, to which she leads us through the most over grown footpath you have ever seen.

I swear it was like being in the jungle, at no time could we see Slinky and Ellie, but at some points I couldn't even see Elli the person, well this " torture" went on for nearly half an hour Ellie's lead kept getting wound into the over growth, Elli the persons bottoms kept falling down, in the end we were having to go ahead of the dogs to trample down the vegetation just so they could get through, but do you know what it was fantastic.

I felt like a kid again on an adventure and we laughed for the whole time. Nothing beats laughter except maybe tiffin.

100g butter (melted)
25g soft brown sugar
3 tbsp cocoa
4 tbsp golden syrup
225g crushed digestives
150g dried fruit ( raisins are most common but let your imagination run wild, imagine freeze dried raspberries yummy)
400g melted milk chocolate

Melt the butter, syrup sugar and cocoa in a pan over a gently heat until the sugar and butter are liquid. Add the biscuits and dried fruits, stir until well combined,spoon into a lined tin, press down and into sides, cover with melted chocolate leave to set before cutting into squares.