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This weekend, I needed a clone !! ( Roast chicken)

This weekend has been so so busy, I truly could have done with two of ME.

Friday night I had my lovely antenatal group (of 25 years) over for a catch up and a take out but as it was the gorgeous Denise's 50th birthday I felt the need, not only to clean the house and have something lovely in the flower department arranged but also to knock up a birthday cake.

I met all of these wonderful ladies when I was an 18 year old mum to be, it's so funny how in life we were thrown together, yet against all odds we have remained firm friends for all of these years. The support while are babies grew and ever since has been so amazing, the bonds are so strong that I couldn't imagine my life without them in it .

Anyhow friday morning I dropped the boys to work then took El for a walk, came home and started on the cake. A yummy pecan and maple syrup one from cake days.

Billy then called to ask me to collect Harley (the gorgeous grandson) which I did. He then called for me to pick him up from work. In-between I hoovered and dropped Dylan off to his friends. I didn't get home until 6 when Maria caught me looking like i'd been pulled through a hedge backwards.

The evening was fab, except for two runs to the Indian, as they only included half our order, and it's a 20 min round trip ARRRRRGH !

Saturday was spent in a flurry of fondant hearts and crosses as I needed to make 80 toppers for the Baptism cupcakes i'd promised to make my friend for her lovely baby Eva's baptism sunday (today).

Sunday dropped the cuppies off, collected Dylan from his friends, his bag from another friend, got in, made the boys sausage and egg bagels, then started the ironing at 2pm, cooked a full Roast.

  • Chicken (best you can afford) brushed with oil, sprinkled with sea salt, stuffed with a lemon and some thyme, into the top oven for about an 90-120 mins. Rest under foil for at least 40 mins.
  • Roast potatoes par boiled for 15 mins, strained, olive oil and a knob of butter into the pan, sea salt, tip into hot baking tray, into hot oven 210 for 75 mins min.
  • Yorkshire puds mix together cup of plain flour, cup of milk, 3 eggs, pinch of salt, pour into very hot oil in baking tray,cook at 210 for at 35-40 mins.
  • Carrots put carrots onto big square of foil, squeeze over some honey, a sprig of thyme, fold up foil, bake in top aga oven for 50 mins, then bottom for 40, or normal oven at 200 for 75 mins leave in warm place in foil for 15 mins after to rest.
  • Gravy spoon off fat from meat tray, sprinkle in some gravy granules, a mug of water, glass of white wine, put onto hob,with a wooden spoon mix all the juices and bits together,bring to boil strain and serve.
  • Broccoli steam or micro very briefly, add water to  unmade gravy.
  • Stuffin, I use a packet, just add some butter when adding the water,then stir in a little of the chicken juices before cooking or 20 mins.
After cooking, washing up and feeding Ellie I carried on with the ironing till 9pm. Thank heavens it's all done but those boys have just filled the washing basket when I had my back turned for 3 minutes, so tomorrow it all starts again!!!!!!!!!!!!!