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Jubilee Domed Cupcake

I was secretly pleased when my Facebook Poll voted for the cupcakes. I had this idea back in February and I emailed a lady who does the edible cupcake toppers. She made these memorial stamp toppers for me within days.

I quite fancied making the sponge Red, White and Blue as well as the toppers and icing so I made a moist ground almond sponge but if you'd prefer you can just replace the almonds with more S/R flour. I then  popped in 2 blueberries per cake, sprinkled with freeze dried raspberries pieces (not only do the freeze dried raspberries give the desired red, and a lovely flavour, you also get a great crunch under the soft cream).

There are lots of elements to these little cakes but you can easily simplify. Use all buttercream instead of cream under the dome (Buttercream is firmer and easier to work with but I love fresh cream). Also you could use one coloured cases, and if you can't get the stamps a stencil would work equally as well. And the 3 coloured buttercream could work with a single or double colour also.
For The Cake                                                            
250g Softened unsalted butter                                  
250g caster sugar                                                    
200g S/R flour                                                      
50g ground almonds                                                
3 eggs
Other things you'll need
 18 Edible toppers 
 * Buttercream coloured with
Red and Royal blue food gels
6 Red, 6Blue and 6 white cupcake cases

Mix all of the above together in a food processor, then spoon into 18 cupcake cases, I used 6 red, 6 white and 6 blue. Then I popped 2 blueberries into each and sprinkled some freeze dried raspberry pieces onto the top. Bake @ 170 for about 22 mins or until well risen and firm to the touch. Leave to cool completely.

Whip up 200ml of double cream and pipe a swirl onto each cooled cake and pop into the fridge to firm. Roll out 6 red fondant circles, 6 blue ones and 6 white, using a cutter which is the same circumference as the cupcake. With a tiny paint brush, sparingly brush some water onto the fondant discs, and use to glue the Edible toppers onto the fondants. Then gently place the fondant disc's over the cream and ease down.

200g softened butter
450g icing sugar
red food colour
blue food colour

Make the buttercream by whipping the butter and icing sugar together in a free standing machine, when soft and light add 1 tbsp boiling water and whip, divide into 3 bowls colour one blue, one red and leave one white, spoon into a piping bag fitted with a 1m nozzle, squeeze the buttercream out until you have all 3 colours coming through. Then pipe rosettes around the fondant discs.