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'Jeff' - My Sourdough Starter

Saturday I decided to give making my own sourdough starter a go. Annie my lovely friend and food stylist who has worked with me on both 'A Passion for Baking' and my new book 'Home Baking' had given me a starter but unfortunately I managed to kill it. So I was determined to make one and get a decent loaf from it. Well this is what I did, I'm not sure if it was beginners luck but I researched and as usual jiggled and came up with my own, so here I share with you. I've called mine Jeff as I have always wanted a pug called Jeff and it's unlikely for that to happen at the mo, so my starter was christened (I'm hoping by naming him I won't forget to feed him)

Day 1 In a large bowl pour 2 teacups of strong bread flour, 8g of salt, 7g easy active yeast and 2 teacups of lukewarm water. Give a good mix and place somewhere warmish, cover with a clean tea-towel and leave to bubble and do it's magic.
Day 2 Pour into a large sterilized Kilner jar, remove the seal, pop into the bottom of the fridge.
Day3 Bring the starter out of the fridge and let it come to room temp, mix together a cup of strong bread flour and a cup of lukewarm water, and feed Jeff, gently stir in, wait until he starts to bubble, pop back on the lid and put him in the bottom of the fridge.
Day 4 To use Jeff, place an empty mixing bowl onto the scales and pour all but a cup of jeff into the bowl (about 400g) press the scales to zero and measure in just under double of the strong bread flour (about 750g) and 7g of salt, a tbsp caster sugar or runny honey and about 280 to 330ml of lukewarm water,(depending on how liquid your starter is) I use my machine with a bread hook to combine, then knead for 7 minutes. Oil the bowl slightly cover with cling and leave to prove until doubled in size, at least 2 hrs.  Mix a cup of strong bread flour and lukewarm water and feed Jeff. Once the dough has doubled in size knock back and shape into 2 small loaves or one enormous one, I put mine in a proving basket, but you can pop in a tin or freeform on a baking tray, leave to prove until doubled in size and bake in a preheated oven @210 for 20-30 mins. ONCE JEFF HAS BUBBLED PLACE HIM IN THE FRIDGE WITH HIS LID ON and feed him every couple of days. If your not going to use him pour away a cup each time. If Jeff turns orange he has turned to the darkside so you need to start again :( If you get some clear liquid it is hooch, this is fine, either pour away or if Jeff is a little thick stir it in.

Please let me know how you get on. Love Jo xxx