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Ginger and Chilli Chicken

I've been making this chicken for at least 13 years. It's a lovely moist sticky dish, perfect with sticky rice or equally potatoes. The potatoes in the picture are just baby news, cut in halves rubbed with oil, sprinkled with 2 tbsp of semolina, then I diced 3 Portabella mushrooms and tumbled all onto a large heavy duty baking tray, add a couple of sprigs of thyme and some salt then roast in a very hot oven for about 40 mins.

For The Chicken
4 chicken breasts
4 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
2 tbsp runny honey
2 tbsp soy
A piece of grated ginger about the length of your thumb
3 tbsp oil
1-2 cloves of garlic mushed to a paste

Slash the chicken breasts, then mix all of the above ingredients together and pour over the chicken, leave to marinate for at least an hour. Heat up a heavy based frying pan until hot, add 2 tbsp of oil to the pan, when sizzling add the chicken, pour over the marinade. Cook until golden and sticky. Remove chicken to a warmed plate. Pour the any juice that comes from the chicken back into the pan, heat and pour over the chicken to serve.