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Really Easy Double Choc Cheesecakes

My lot expect dessert most nights. To be honest, sometimes after cooking a full dinner I just need some quick and easy little numbers up my sleeve. That's where these little quick pots come into play. They are mainly ingredients I always have in my cupboards and fridge. It's funny when we were children a quick and easy dessert was my mum opening a tin of peaches and a tin of evaporated milk.
Makes 4-6 (depending on ramekin size)
8 bourbon biscuits
160g cooled melted white chocolate
400g philli cream cheese
200ml of double cream
5 tbsp caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

In a food processor blitz the biscuits, divide half of the biscuits crumbs between the ramekins. Whisk the double cream until soft peak stage. Add the Vanilla, sugar, cream cheese and cooled melted chocolate. With a large metal spoon fold until well combined. Add a layer to each ramekin, (*reserving enough to decorate)  then another layer of biscuit crumb,  spoon the rest of the creamy mix into a piping bag fitted with an *open star nozzle and pipe swirls to finish. Pop into the fridge and chill for at least an hour.

*You could add a few raspberries between the bottom crumb and cream topping.
*A nice finish would be dark chocolate shavings. 
*Orange zest would be gorgeous folded through the creamy filling. 
*Digestives will work if you don't have bourbons.