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Very Squidgy Moist Chocolate Loaf

I've wanted to develop a chocolate loaf recipe for ages now as I always find them so disappointing. I want my chocolate loaf to be moist and dense but I also want it to have a really chocolatey hit. Well I think I've done it. The other thing about this moist little treasure is it's soooooooo versatile, you can add flavour (I've added a list of options at the end of the recipe) and a whole bunch of toppings.
175g softened butter or stork
175g soft light brown sugar
150ml boiling water
75g cocoa powder
200g S/R flour
1/2 tsp bicarb
4 eggs
100g dark chocolate chunks

You will also 2 x 1lb lined loaf tins

Preheat the oven to170ºC/325ºF/gas mark 3

Start by placing the butter, sugar, cocoa and water into a large pan stir and heat until the butter and sugar are liquid and well combined, now stir in the chocolate chunks, pop to one side for at least 10 mins to cool. 

Weigh the flour and bicarb into a bowl, in a separate bowl whisk the eggs with a fork, pour the chocolate liquid into the flour along with the eggs, mix together until smooth and lump free. At this point you can fold in any of the below flavourings (make sure the pieces are small, as this helps them to distribute evenly) 

Pour into the two prepared tins and bake in the preheated oven for 25-32 mins or until a skewer comes away clean when inserted into the centre. 

Leave to cool in tins. 

*Just some of my ideas below, but honestly these loaves will lend themselves to most flavours, experiment and enjoy. Jx

Decorating ideas
1. Chocolate topping & 100g mini eggs
(melt 100g of milk chocolate with a tbsp of syrup) 
2. Drizzle with white chocolate and sprinkle with chocolate chips
3. Buttercream and primroses
4. Buttercream grass and fluffy chicks 
5. Chocolate icing and chunks of chocolate orange
6. Coffee glaze icing (would be nice with coffee matchmakers)
7. glaze icing and smarties

Flavour ideas
1. Zest of an orange, or a lime
2. 100g chopped matchmakers in the flavour of your choice
3. 150g frozen smarties
4. 100g desiccated coconut 
5. 100g chopped hazelnuts and 60g raisins 
6. 12 ferrero rocher
7. 20 Frozen raspberries
* For a 2lb cake bake three quarters of the cake mixture in a lined 2lb loaf tin for an extra 10-12 mins