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Fluffy American style pancakes

My lot love pancakes. Sometimes they want the crepe style ones but mainly it's these. Light and fluffy with toppings added, that way everybody gets what they like.
Posted by Jo's blue AGA on Monday, 8 February 2016

Makes about  8-10

3 large eggs
1 teacup full-fat milk
1 teacup S/R Flour
1 tsp baking powder
30g melted unsalted butter (to grease the pan)

Separate the eggs and whisk the whites to a firm peak.

Mix together the egg yolks, milk, flour and baking powder.

Fold 1 tbsp of the whipped egg whites into the mix, then fold in the remainder carefully until combined.

In a pan greased with butter or on the AGA (simmering) plate lined with a liner, spoon 3 big spoonfuls of the batter, when it starts to bubble you can add your toppings.

Flip over and cook for about 40-60 seconds more until golden and well cooked, serve immediately.

*Blueberries (my eldest's fav)
*Slice banana (great with a drizzle toffee sauce)
*Sweetcorn and basil (Fab topped with cooked shredded chicken and mayo)
*Crispy cooked chopped pieces of pancetta or bacon (top with sundried tomatoes and an egg)
*Chocolate chips (absolute amazing with my raspberry & vanilla sauce sauce)
*Dried cranberries and desiccated coconut (a thing of great beauty)
* Pan fry apple cubes in some butter, cinnamon and a little sugar, cool then add the apple to the pancakes, drizzle with the apple juices to serve. 

To serve
*Raspberry Sauce
*Heat the same weight of fresh raspberries and caster sugar in a pan with a splash of water and a vanilla pod, until the sugar has melted and the liquid turns a beautiful pink colour decant into a clean dish and chill until needed.