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Christmas Breakfast

In our house the Christmas Breakfast is as equally regarded as lunch. It is a huge tradition to have the full works. Pancakes, muffins, fruit, a full fry up (or AGA cook up in our case), presents on the table and generally lots of laughter.
The night before I like to get as much ready as possible because once everyone turns/wakes up in the morning chaos ensues.
  1. Lay the table.
  2. Put the tea/bags in the teapot.
  3. Pour milk into a jug.
  4. Make sure the sugar bowl is filled.
  5. Make the muffin, churros or pancake batters.
  6. Weigh out the scone ingredients.
  7. Line trays with reusable liners (If making bacon etc in the oven/AGA)
  8. Pour juices into glass jugs.
  9. Prepare fruit platter.
  10. Make the panettone to proving stage, then pop into the fridge to prove overnight.
I also like to add a small table present to the table, the sort of things I add are fun and inexpensive.
  1. I love this marshmallow toasting kit from NOTHS
  2. These chocolate brussel sprouts are fab
  3. For the shopkins lover
  4. Not forgetting your 4 legged friends
  5. For the baker in your life
  6. For all of the superheroes 
  7. For the glam girls 
  8. The cheese lover
  9. For the joker of the pack
  10. The glasses wearer 
  11. Who doesn't love a candle especially one with your initial on it
Mix a shot of pomegranate syrup with prosecco and a few
pomegranate seeds
for a delightful breakfast tipple