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Chicken Noodle Soup

This recipe has been a long time coming, life has just sort of got in the way. You know how it is with the build up to Christmas blah blah. As I've said recently I've fallen out of love a little bit with sharing recipes and I'm not completely sure why this has happened. Anyway a promise is promise so here it is.

To the recipe. Instead of just throwing out the chicken carcass after Sunday lunch I have taken to making it into a delicious stock. This in turn makes the most wonderful chicken soup. It's so much nicer if you can make the stock 1 or 2 days before using it as this gives time for the flavour to really develop. Also the stock freezes perfectly, defrost in the morning in your pan (save on washing up later) and the soup literally takes about 15  minutes to put together.
1 free range cooked chicken carcass with at least a quarter of the chicken still on the bones + any bits of skin juice or anything else on the chopping board, this will all add to the flavour.
3 pints of water
200g of Sofrito (I use waitrose one but you can easily make your own)
4 skinned Chicken breasts or pieces of your choice.
2 carrots peeled and sliced
150g broccoli pulled into small florets
2 chicken stock pots
1 herb stock pot
2 pints of water
Salt and pepper
4 noodle nests

Serves 4

A day or two before you want to eat your soup, in a large pan place your chicken carcass and any left over bits from the board, add the water and sofrito, over a high heat bring to the boil, turn the heat down to medium and cover with a lid but so it's slightly open so the steam can escape.

Cook until the liquid has been reduced by two thirds, remove from the heat and strain the liquid into a container, leave to cool completely, pop into the fridge until ready to use.

Start by chopping the chicken pieces into bite sized bits, on the top of the cold chicken stock you should have a layer of fat, (I like to use this to fry off my chicken)  add the fat to a hot large pan or if you prefer a little non virgin olive oil, add the chicken and fry until cooked through, add the reduced chicken stock along with 2 pints of water and the stock and herb pots, bring to the boil,  steam or micro your veggies until just cooked and add to the pan.

Reduce the liquid down slightly while cooking your noodles. Season.

Cook the noodles as directed on the packet. Place a nest of noodles into each bowl,  and add the chicken, veggies and stock. Serve with fresh crusty bread.