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Eight Hour Shoulder of Lamb

A couple of weekends ago myself along with a group of my closest girls spent a couple of days at the wonderful Soho Farmhouse to celebrate our friend Frances' birthday.

We all had the best time. The place is sheer relaxational heaven. The dress code is casual, the food is a pure delight, the service was exceptional, the accommodation had every little detail thought of (including a wonderful selection of toiletries) with fabulous teas, coffees and even a little caddy of homemade cookies. Plus a very Instagramable mini bar.

We stayed in the piglets, which were so cute and extremely cosy. The beds are like sleeping on a heavenly cloud.

Anyway on arrival we had a little tour around the place in one of the farms milk floats. Then we decided we would stop for lunch which was a sharing affair. One of the dishes (there were many) that really enthralled us all was the slow cooked shoulder of lamb. So much so that our Whats-App group was awash with our interpretations of it for the following week.

Here's mine. 
2kg Shoulder of Lamb
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
2 Large Peeled and sliced red onions
3 Cloves of sliced garlic
3 Stems of Thyme
2 Stems of Rosemary
1 Chicken stock pot 
1 Lamb/Beef stock pot
500ml Boiling Water
2-3 tbsp Red Currant Jelly 
375g Frozen Peas
1 packet of crispy onions or a handful of panko breadcrumbs

Season the lamb, then over a medium high heat seal in a ovenproof pan with a little olive oil.

In a second non stick pan heat a little oil and fry the onions, garlic and thyme. In a jug make up the stock with the stock pots add the herbs and red currant jelly stir until the jelly has dissolved. Pour the stock over the lamb, bring to the boil, then add the onion mix.

Add a lid and pop into a preheated oven 200˚c cook for 40 mins before turning the oven down to 100˚c, cook for another 7 hrs, then remove the li, cook for an additional 20 mins, remove the lamb and keep warm. 

Strain the stock back into the pan, bring up to heat again and reduce by half. Add the peas to the reduced liquor, and cook for 5 minutes.  Serve poured over the lamb, sprinkled with either the crispy onions or breadcrumbs.